Arts Attack Online - Grade 8

Arts Attack Online - Grade 8

The Arts Attack Grade 8 curriculum provides an age-appropriate balanced approach to teaching art – emphasizing both the fundamentals of art and creative expression. Taught to the right side of the brain, it emphasizes the art elements and principles, drawing technique, self-expression, artist appreciation, art history, multi-cultural art, and media diversity. Grade 8 features a 4 lesson drawing workshop and several types of sculpture – clay, subtractive and wire & fabric. The lesson This is My School is a photography lesson and I Madonnari requires students to work together in a sidewalk art project. Multi-cultural art lessons include Storytellers, Spirit Dolls, and Aboriginal Art. There is another Series on a Theme, and students study and learn the styles of the artists Wassily Kandinsky, David Hockney, Albert Bierstadt, Andy Warhol, J.J. Audubon, Edward Hicks, Alexander Calder, Frank Stella, and Roy Lichtenstein and then create original artworks in their styles. Students definitely get exposed to more modern art than in any previous Grade level. Another feature of Grade 8 is a comprehensive overview of careers in art and how to prepare oneself to build a portfolio and get into a good art school.

The Grade 8 program includes 24 lessons, 7.3 hours of instructional video (shown to the students and featuring classroom demonstrations by other eighth graders), a digital art image program with discussion guides, lesson plans, student drawing aids, teacher reference materials and much more. Being video-based, it can be taught by teachers or parents with little or no art or art education background, as well as by those with considerable art education training – achieving exceptional results in both cases.

As shown below, the per school pricing of Arts Attack Online Grade 8 varies depending on the number of classrooms that will be using the program. Pricing for up to 5 Grade 8 classrooms per school is shown below. If your school has more than 5 Grade 8 classrooms, please contact us for a quote tailored to your specific requirements.