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In my opinion, the best part of the program is the quality

"In my opinion, the best part of the program is the quality art projects and the results the students are able to produce. These were the best lessons I've 'taught' in all my nine years of homeschooling. And, my kids loved it!"

Tricia Goyer
Reviewer for Practical Homeschooling Magazine

We are so pleased with our investment

"We are so pleased with our investment in the Atelier art-program. The program has met our expectations completely. It is delightfully presented, imaginative, incredibly well-organized and teaches the artistic elements thoroughly to the age level. Each piece our 7-year-old son has worked on, just by following the program, has been amazing. Our younger 4-year-old son has taken an interest to some of the kids art projects as well. We look forward to every lesson; following the process and creating the art is a beautiful way for us to share time together. Every child should have the opportunity to learn art in this manner. We highly recommend Atelier!"

Cabell and Karin Finch
Maitland, Florida

Atelier is a wonderful program!

"Atelier is a wonderful program! Art was always intimidating to me.....but my children love it. The program is so easy to use. I simply purchase the convenient and reasonable list of supplies and the children do the rest. Because of the format (a printed list of supplies and a picture of the supplies on the video), the children can set up, follow the video, pausing it when necessary, work independently, and then clean up afterwards. "Teaching" Art has never been so easy. The extra information on artists and styles makes for a complete program. And, because of the good, clear, and encouraging instruction, my children are always pleased with their work...motivating them to do even more art and giving them confidence. I highly recommend this program."

Lois Paylor (& husband Steve)
San Diego, CA

After homeschooling for over 15 years

"After homeschooling for over 15 years, I can honestly say that Atelier Art is one of the best curriculum purchases I have ever made. My children and I have enjoyed the variety of lessons, regardless of our differences in age and ability. Thank you Atelier Art for giving my family a lifetime of memories creating art together!

Kimber Morrow
Greensburg, IN

As a homeschool parent with no art-background

"As a homeschool parent with no art-background, I was afraid to teach art. However, I have found Atelier to be so well-organized and so easy to use that I now love to teach it and my children have enjoyed accomplishment well beyond my expectations. My observation is that, with the Atelier art lessons for children, every child has fun and success, shows an increase in self-confidence, and truly learns the fundamentals of creating and appreciating art! Both students and parents are proud of the results. I especially love the concepts that are taught and the lessons in contour right-brain drawing. By their 2nd year using this program, my children's creative development had accelerated by leaps and bounds. And, best of all, it's really fun!"

Emi Nishio
Encinitas, California

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart

"I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been homeschooling for 15 years (I have 8 children) and art always went by the waste side because I had no idea how to teach it. You have solved all those problems. I am now making a point to do art with the children and I and they love it. I have never been an "art" person before but this has been really fun for me. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful curriculum. My kids thank you too!!"

Michelle Rogers

Atelier is the BEST homeschooling art-curriculum out there

"Atelier is the BEST homeschooling art-curriculum out there. I've looked at many and bought a few, but this one exceeds all my expectations. It can even turn a non-artistic child into one who loves art. It's video-based, so your children actually watch the art-teacher demonstrate the lesson and then observe as the children in her class do the project. It's a great way to expose children to the fact that not everyone does art the same way, and it's ok to have your own style. They also have art-appreciation, artist study, and lots of great kids art projects. It's wonderful!"

Diane McCarty
Bennington, Indiana

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